M-Series geolocator models

Please contact Biotrack for exact models and customisation according to your needs.


For species associated with water


For species that do not go in water

MK5... family                                        (0.7-1.2 g)

Legmount for waders & shallow divers

Expected life 1 - 3 years (model dependent)

MK6... family                                            (0.39-1.0 g)

Small bird backpacks

Expected life 10 - 24 months (model dependent)

MK3... family (2.5 g)   MK4... family (1.5-2.0 g)

Deep-diving and larger waterbirds

Expected life 2 - 5 years (model dependent)

MK5... family & MK7... family                   (0.9-2.0 g)

Larger more rugged tags

Expected life 12 - 24 months (model dependent)

Options for Marine Tags

  • Wet/dry
  • Temperature

Options for Terrestrial Tags

  • Stalk to raise light sensor above feathers (stalk details pdf )
  • Tube at front for harness (adds weight)
  • Loops at back for harness (adds weight)

(Tube and Loop Figure )



Versions with stalks and tubes will weigh more.

Expected lives are given, but please ask for specific warranty lives that vary according to the batteries used. Lifetime is from time of manufacture (the battery cannot be disconnected or replaced).

Please get in touch for help choosing the model and options required for your study see our contacts page.

FOR HIGHEST RELIABILITY, ALWAYS CHOOSE THE LARGEST SIZE GEOLOCATOR YOU CAN USE. The smaller we make the loggers, the less robust they become and the higher the risk of failure due to damage. Also note that geolocators smaller than 2g may not survive temperatures below -10'C. However, geolocators that have failed in the field (or have reverted to the 'sleep' state during deployment) for whatever reason, can be sent back to us to attempt data extraction at no extra cost. Data is preserved for approx 20 years and can be accessed by us provided that no significant physical damage or corrosion has occurred. To accomplish this, you must have a note of the start of logging time and date (GMT) for each logger.

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